JO Girl's Team


Our mission is to provide a fun and engaging gymnastics experience for all athletes and to provide an equal opportunity to all those who pass through our doors; may each child be able to excel through the JO and XCEL programs with a high standard of excellence in the competitive gymnastics programs and take with them a lifetime of memories and life lessons.

Road to Success

USA Gymnastics is the official governing body of gymnastics. They have developed and created the gymnastics levels into a safe and progressive progression from competitive level 2- 10/Elite. Levels 2-5 are categorized the “Compulsory” levels; they follow guidelines and directions of USA Gymnastics on which skills are allowable within each level. Each level builds upon the previous levels skills to allow for success and a mastery of the skills by the gymnast. Within each specific level, the gymnast will perform the same prescribed routine on all 4 events. The routines are based on skills required to master the current level and move onto the next. Levels 6-10 are categorized as “Optional” levels. Here, the gymnasts are given more freedom to choose routines, music, and skills that fulfill specific requirements and guidelines set for each level by USA Gymnastics. At NCGA, we begin competing at Level 2. Typically, gymnasts will be allowed into our Level 2 team program with a coach’s recommendation after successfully completing the Intro and/or Level 1 classes. From this point forward, movement into our Level 3 program and beyond is by invitation only. Each child will be individually assessed based upon their physical and mental preparedness and then evaluated and approved by our Compulsory /Optional Head Coaches. Invitation into our higher-level programs is a privilege and must be earned! We hold a team try outs for all new gymnasts to access and evaluate their skills before making a final decision on what team level they will be best suited in. We want our team members to be adequately challenged as well as competent and successful in the level they begin competing at.

Competition Season

All of our competitive team members participate in an annual competition season. This season typically begins December/January and ends April/May. We also hold 1-2 in house competitions for family and friends to watch and support their gymnasts; these in house meets serve as “practice” meets before the competition season begins.

  • Level 2-3 gymnasts compete in 4 in-state competitions during competition season, 1 meet per month, and have the opportunity to qualify to 1-2 additional meets; the Sectional Championship and State. At this final meet, they will compete against other gymnasts from our designated section of the State. All team members are expected to attend each of these scheduled competitions, unless otherwise discussed with their coach.
  • Levels 4-5 gymnasts compete in 4-6 in-state competitions and have 1-2 additional qualifying meets. The qualifying meets are the Sectional Championship and State. In order for these levels to participate in the Sectional Championship meet, the individual gymnasts must qualify by achieving a level specific minimum score. Participation in the Sectional meet can further provide an opportunity for the gymnast to qualify for the Washington State Championship Meet. Qualification standards to the State Meet are predetermined by the Washington State Gymnastics Board and generally rely on scores as well as a percentage of participants who achieved the minimum score at the Sectional Meet. All team members are expected to attend each of these scheduled competitions, unless otherwise discussed with their coach.
  • At the Optional level (levels 6-10), the regular season (6-8 competitions DecemberMarch) will include at least one travel meet out of state. We choose to do this so that the girls can be exposed to the level of competition throughout the nation and gain an understanding of what it takes to be competitive on a national level. Championship season for the Optional levels begins with the State competition rather than Sectionals. This is a qualification meet requiring a certain score during the regular season in order to participate. For level 6 and 7 this is the end of their competitive season. Levels 8, 9, and 10 can then go on to qualify for the Regional Championships, which includes competitors from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and Hawaii. At level 9 the Regional competition serves as a qualification point for Western Nationals (all states west of the Mississippi) and at level 10 they qualify on to Junior Olympic National Championships (all states combined). All team members are expected to attend each of these scheduled competitions, unless otherwise discussed with their coach.