Policies & Guidelines



General policies

  • Each athlete is expected to comply with the gym dress code. All personal items needed for gymnastics (grips, tiger paws, etc.) must have the athletes name and be stored in proper areas.

  • Personal property is the sole responsibility of the students. NCGA is not responsible for lost or misplaced personal items.

  • Lost and found items will be held for 3 months and then donated.

  • Gym Floor - No one other than NCGA staff or registered athletes are allowed out on the gym floor, this is for your safety. If your child needs assistance while on the floor, see the front desk.

  • Do not let children climb on chairs, bleachers, cubbies or railings.

 Hair must be worn up, no exceptions.
 No jewelry should be worn and it is preferred that glasses have a safety strap.
 Leotards must be worn with or without shorts.
 Should wear fitted shorts and a t-shirt or tank top. There should be no pants, buckles, buttons or zippers. This is
for the athletes as well as the coach’s safety.
 If Bellingham School District is closed due to weather, NCGA will be closed for all morning programs. We will
evaluate the conditions to see if we can open for the afternoon/evening. Emails will be sent by 1pm and posted
on website and Facebook of any changes to classes.
 Late starts will not change our schedule.
 Please make sure your email information is correct, this is how we will communicate updates.

 Please utilize the NCGA parking lot for all drop-off and pick-up. There is no drop-off or pick-up from
Express Drive in front of the gym. This is for the safety of all athlete’s and consideration to our neighbors
who need to get past. Please find a proper parking space and walk your athlete to the door. Additional
parking available on the side of the building or across the street from NCGA.
 No athletes will be allowed to wait outside for pick-up. This is for the safety of all that participate at NCGA.

For courtesy towards other families, we ask you to please err on the side of caution and do not bring your child to
class if he/she has any one of the below symptoms or conditions:

 A fever of 100.0 or higher.  Child must be fever free for at least 24 hours before returning to NCGA,
without taking Tylenol or other medicine to control it.
 Green, yellow or brown mucus running from the nose, eyes or mouth. If your child has been on antibiotics
for at least 24 hours, he/she is allowed to attend class/practice.
 Coughing, with or without congestion, uncontrollably.
 Diarrhea or a loose stool.  Child may not return to NCGA unless the child has gone at least 24 hours without
 Vomiting or stomach flu.  Child may not return to NCGA unless the child has gone at least 24 hours without
 A questionable rash or bumps on the skin.  Parent must bring a doctor’s note to explain rash and that it is not
 Lice or eggs on the scalp or hair. If a child has had lice they should be free of lice or eggs for 48 hours before
returning to NCGA for classes.

We realize how much work it is to pack the kids in the car and get to the gym for class and we greatly appreciate
your commitment to the program.  However, if we do see a child with a lot of mucous or a heavy cough or if they
are experiencing any of the above symptoms, we will ask you to take your kiddo home.


 Please refrain from coaching your child from the viewing area.
 Parents are not allowed on the gym floor (other than Parent/ Tot classes.)
 Parents are welcome to watch classes from the designated viewing areas.
 Please do not leave young children unattended in the viewing area.
 Please be ON TIME when picking up your child from class.
 Children are NOT PERMITTED to leave the building without an accompanying adult. You must park
and come inside to pick up your child.
 NO FLASH Photography! The flash could temporarily blind a gymnast trying to complete a skill.

Tuition Payment, Enrollment, Make-ups and Billing Explained
All new and returning students must register and pay tuition and registration fees at the time of enrollment. Current
registration is $35 per child or $50 per family No registration fee is needed for open gym, parents night out or camp
participation. Registration fees occur once every 12 months on your anniversary date.
Recreational Tuition is billed monthly on an on going auto enrollment. 
 Classes begin on the 1st Monday of each month. You retain your spot once enrolled, you may cancel by the 19th of any month for the upcoming month. New families may join if space is available during any month or after the 21st of each month online. 
 Upon enrollment online you are signing up for reoccurring classes. Classes and curriculum run September- June, with additional offerings over the summer. 
At this time we are not able to offer make ups for missed classes. Tuition is pro rated if you start late in the session and for holiday closures through out the year. 
 If an emergency arises and you are unable to complete the month, a credit will be applied to your account. We do not give
refunds for classes paid. All credits expire 1-year from date received.

Make-ups: * *Please note make up policy has changed effective January 2018**
**Due to increased class enrollment we no longer have space in classes to offer make ups during class times.
Please make every effort to come to your scheduled classes. If for some reason you are unable to attend, please see
policies below. These polices are put into place so that each child in class is able to receive the highest level of instruction
and progression on their path of learning.
 If your student will be absent or becomes ill you are required to contact the front office by calling ahead of the
scheduled class, you will then be put on a list for that months make ups.
 Make up classes run one Saturday a month (date TBD) from 11-12 pm. Regardless of class time make ups run 1
hour, as make ups should not be a substitute for scheduled classes.
 If you call after the class has taken place no make-up will be awarded.
 Students may make up 1 class per month regardless of the reason for missing class.
 We do not pro-rate for missed classes.
 If NCGA closes for inclement weather there will be a special make up class offered for those affected.
 All make-ups are forfeited if the student drops from the program. 
 All make ups must be completed within the current session.